Aloha Friday Picture: Kikaua Level, Hawaii Large Island

Aloha Friday Photo: Kikaua Point, Hawaii Big Island

Mahalo to Natalie Johnson for sharing this lovely shot with us for Aloha Friday Photos. Natalie tells us that she took this shot from Kikaua Level on Hawaii’s Large Island, whereas vacationing there not too long ago, in July. What a fairly scene with calm, crystal-clear water surrounded by attention-grabbing lava rock formations. We all […]

Fascinating new time lapse of Kilauea Volcano from Huge Island of Hawaii

Fascinating new time lapse of Kilauea Volcano from Big Island of Hawaii

Kilauea Volcano has been probably the most energetic volcano in Hawaii in latest a long time. Kilauea has modified the place it erupts and the way vigorously it erupts many, many instances. Principally, the proof of modifications are seen above floor, however typically earthquakes point out subterranean shifts of magma. With every shift, the volcano […]

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